3 Types of Ace Packaging PE Shrink Film

Ace Packaging can produce PE shrink films according to customer requirements from 3 types of PE resins: VIRGIN, PIR and PCR.


Use good quality and new plastic resin to produce shrink films.



or Post Industrial Recycled, we recycle already used plastics within our factory and reuse them again. This method helps reducing factory costs and helps to protect the world environment.



or Post Consumer Recycled, our recycle supplier helps us recycle plastics from consumer products, and classify them into PE resin, and we reuse them again. This method helps reducing factory costs and helps to protect the world environment.


Ace Packaging PE Shrink Film with Various Types of Packaging

We manufacture PE Shrink Film which packs several products such as plastic bottles, glass bottles, cans, cartons, and other types of packaging. According to customer requirements, we also have a team to assist in installing and setting up the packing machine.

Q&A about Our Products and Services

What is a shrink film?

Shrink film is a plastic film that is heated and then undergoes a shrinking reaction. Shrink films are formed by melting plastic resins. The formulas and blending ratios are consistent with the chemists and production factors, including machinery and expected results of the film, such as shrinkage, thickness, clarity, stickiness, the next step is to melt and transform granular to film by blown film line, cut the film and wind it in the core. Each step may have staff to take care of the safety and quality control. However, nowadays, modern machines can perform the functions of people quite perfectly.

Why choose Ace Packaging shrink film?
Thanks to our German technology, our shrink film has high quality. The second benefit is our consistent quality on every batch. The third key success is our short production lead time. Additionally, our factory has been certified ISO 9001: 2015 standard. Finally, you will get a reasonable price from us.
What are the characteristics of Ace Packaging shrink film?
Our shrink films are manufactured with machinery and technology from Germany, hence, our shrink film is not only transparent but also strong, Importantly, it yields relatively more quantity per one kilogram of film.
What are the benefits of Ace Packaging shrink film?
  1. Packing consumer commodities such as mineral water plastic bottles, soft drink glass bottles, tissue boxes and canned foods, most often in a dozen packs.
  2. Shrink films also help customers reduce shipping costs compared to paper packaging and other packaging options since it reduces space between commodity during transportation.
  3. Strong and durable more than paper, Plus, flexible and scratch resistant.
  4. Dust protection and extending product shelf life because the shrink film prevents dust, sunlight, and moisture.
  5. Convenient to use because customers can buy a simple, not expensive packing machine, and then our team will help you assist in fine-tuning and setting up to match our shrink film.
  6. Avoid counterfeiting because if the film has been torn off from the product, you will know immediately. Currently, shrink film is widely used in the logistics industry such as EMS and various envelopes.
  7. It helps in brand-building in which customers can print various colorful logos with product details and legal information.
  8. Help increase sales with outstanding design and marketing promotion campaign on the packaging.
What is the after-sales service that Ace Packaging provide to customers?
With our heart of service mind, we are happy to assist you 24 hours. Plus, sending an after-sales service team to your door at all locations in Thailand without any extra cost.
If you want to order shrink film with ACE packaging, what is the process?

As the needs of customers are different. Please kindly contact us at 02-315-4324 or email us at account@acepackaging.co.th with all your questions and details. Our team will contact you back as soon as possible.